Bulldozer Babu    2:28 mins


This stop motion animation clip reminiscent early silent films, have references from colonial history, as well as news reports on certain contemporary issues. The protagonist is the Babu or the dhoti-clad Bengali feudal lord from the 19th-20th century, juxtaposed with a bulldozer - a very dominant man-made machine in the present times. This animation is a take on the psychology, which leads to the exploitation of the marginalised through land acquisition and violence. 

Clash of Perspectives    2:03 mins


This animation clip was inspired by the genre of Company school paintings - a very hybrid genre of painting produced majorly by court painters in 18th-19th century colonial India. These artists who were accustomed to multi-perspective and flat miniature paintings, were trying to get accustomed to the one-point perspective and depth of the Western oil paintings - which became more important amongst the Indian monarchs in British India. This stop motion animation is made of two characters who are presented in a duel-like scenario, representing the struggle of the artist who is trying to alter his way of seeing.  This work is also a metaphor of how the marginalised is often ignored from the mainstream of many contemporary social structures; as everything evolves in an one-way direction.